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Frequently asked questions. You basically have three choices when it comes to mobile phone contracts: Monthly contract.

Frequently asked questions

You'll be tied to a network provider by a contract that typically lasts months. It can be a good option if you use your phone a lot or if you want to spread the cost of buying the latest phone. So the smartest thing to do is use the postcode checkers we've included in our snapshot of each major network's mobile phone coverage in the section above. It may be that coverage is good on a range of networks in your area. Lucky you. If that's the case, you can take your pick of carriers and may want to look more closely at perks to help make your mind up.

If you travel abroad a lot, or even if you're just planning a holiday or two, it also makes sense to take into account the scale and quality of networks' roaming schemes.

If you need a bit of help with that, check our guide to the networks with the best roaming policies. Without a signal from the network, you cannot even make an emergency call, despite what various networks or handset guidebooks may tell you. The strength or quality of the mobile coverage is largely determined by proximity to a mobile phone network tower.

The best mobile phone deals in 12222 - including the iPhone 11 and OnePlus 7 Pro 5G

Want to check the mobile phone coverage across a range of networks? Your mobile phone should tell you how good the network coverage is using a set of bars on the display screen; the signal strength will change as you move around with your mobile phone. The best mobile phone coverage is generally in urban areas, although even really busy cities have 'dead zones' where there is no network coverage. Signal 'dead zones' normally occur where signal between the mobile handset and the phone network cell antenna is blocked.

Rural areas with a smaller population have less physical interference but often are too far away from a mast for good signal.

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This is constantly improving as more and more antennas are put up around the country to improve UK coverage. Decided on a network? Now you just need to pick a phone. Check out our pick of the top selling smartphones. And if you need more help, check out our mobile phone guides for all the info you could possibly need.

Want an Apple phone? We'll help you get the best iPhone for you. Want to know all about international roaming on iD Mobile? We've got you covered. We take a good look at the world of nearly-new phones.

We take a look at parental controls, capped contracts and family SIM plans. Best mobile network coverage in the UK Last updated: 03 September See all SIM only deals. Which network has the best mobile coverage? Even so, there are some areas where coverage is still patchy. Switch now. Join millions of savers Email me money-saving deals and expert insight.

Was this article helpful? In the UK we have four major 4G mobile networks, plus dozens of virtual networks, each offering a bevy of different plans at different prices.

From £5/mth for 1GB, 500 mins & texts

The network allows you to set data caps and add family members to your account, with a data boost and the ability to move spare data between contracts. At least you can cap your bill, to avoid any extra charges. If you want to cut back your monthly mobile phone bill, iD is a great place to start. Find out more at iD Mobile. The best reason to get BT, though, is its excellent family plans. Tesco also scores big for the little extras, like the ability to set a cap on your monthly contract or take advantage of family perks if you take out several contracts on the same account; discounts, extra data, minutes and Tesco Clubcard points are all up for grabs.

Find out more at Tesco.

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  • Read our full Tesco review. Coverage is very solid across the UK. And while some networks tolerate tethering, Three actively embraces it. Find out more at Three Read our full Three review.