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Kids under 3 are always free and members of the Connecticut Zoological Society also get free admission. New promotions are usually featured on the BeardsleyZoo. To stay on top of the latest coupons, offers and special events, sign up for the Beardsley Zoo newsletter. Those who subscribe will receive a monthly newsletter full of info and goodies.

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They also have an official Facebook page where they post the latest news and special admission saving offers. Just click "Like" on the Beardsley Zoo page to receive updates; be sure to check their 'wall' frequently for postings.

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The printable coupons are subject to expiration date and are issued throughout the year. The Zoo accepts all major credit cards. Parking is free. Educational programs, rides, food, appliance rentals and souvenirs are extra cost items.

Zoo Etiquette Please read our Zoo guidelines and policies. Why do our animals look so happy?

Think about it. Our tigers eat the equivalent of steaks per week!

A total of 8, pounds of meat go down the gullets of our tigers every year. What about those insects not lucky enough to end up in an episode of Survivor?

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We serve up , insects per year including our special mix of crickets, and mealworms. You may be surprised to learn that it also takes a lot of newspaper to keep our animals in a clean and comfortable home — 12, pages per year! Newsprint makes excellent bedding because it provides lightweight warmth and animals can easily crumple, shred and scratch it to make their perfect nest, den or burrow. Over 90 active volunteers donate almost 5, hours of their time each year.

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