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I know plenty of drivers who switched to Uber, got the cash sign up bonus, then kept driving for Lyft. Now is a great time to apply for Uber, use the Uber driver invite code in the link, and get the bonus! Uber treats its drivers well, and demand is pretty steady. Applying to drive for Uber is easy. The first step in the Uber driver application process is to visit the Uber driver application page and fill out some basic information.

If you apply through our referral link, the code will automatically populate when you click it. Taking this step now saves you a huge headache later, and helps you avoid having to fight to have a bonus retroactively applied to your account. You need to submit to a background check before you can drive for Uber. Your vehicle information includes insurance, year, make, model, and pictures of the interior and exterior of your vehicle. This will help riders identify your vehicle when you pull up, which gives riders clarity and is another way to prevent the wrong riders from getting in your car.

Unlike Lyft , the Uber driver and passenger app are totally separate. You must download the Uber Driver app and sign-in there. When uploading documents to partners. Uber now requires you to watch a training video series. In short, Uber will award drivers with cash when they refer their friends to drive or ride with Uber. These cash bonuses are a VERY good and easy way to make quite a bit of money. Uber drivers are given a promo code they can use to refer drivers to Uber. As we touched on above, these referral bonuses are double-sided, so both the new driver and the referring driver get a bonus!

Drivers can share their Uber driver referral code with their friends, family, or even just random strangers.

If that referral signs up to drive and meets the requirements, they get the bonus. The passenger promo code is the same as the driver code, making the referral process much easier. Right now, Uber gives drivers cash for every new rider they refer, so just by casually mentioning Uber in a conversation can earn you quite a bit of extra coin.

I wrote this Uber driver review from my perspective, a real-life Uber driver. I have given quite a few rides in my time, and I have seen a lot, giving me experience that allows me to review the Uber app in a detail from a non-biased perspective. The amount of money you make depends entirely on which type of Uber you drive.

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I make money in two ways; 1 driving for Uber, and 2 passenger and driver referrals. Uber does a pretty good job of compensating drivers if they are willing to work. I will break both of these methods down below. I make money driving just a few hours every weekend. I like to have a good time with friends, but I also like making money. So how do I balance this? I do both! I drive for Uber a few hours, then I go out with my friends after I am done driving. It sucks for the riders but is awesome for the drivers. The convenience that driving for Uber offers is much unmatched.

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Driving for Uber gives me the ability to quite literally make money whenever I want. All I have to do is log into the driver app and start taking requests. Making money is as easy as simply pressing a button. If I start driving then decide to go meet up with my friends, I can. I have total freedom to make money on my own schedule. It is awesome. The demand that I have experienced has really just depended on when and where I drive.

Uber is relentlessly recruiting tons of drivers, so in theory, I thought the more they recruit, the less busy I will become. For each driver they recruit, an existing driver stops driving with time. So, in short, driver retention is essentially a revolving door that never closes. For the most part, though, I try to drive on weekends and during big events that I am not attending. But I will tell you, there have been nights where I am making so much money that I just power through the trips and laugh all the way to the bank the next day.

My experience with UberX passengers has been pretty good so far. The people I usually pick up tend to be the first-adopter type, and love technology.

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They are usually great for conversation and definitely fun people to be around. Businessmen are also fond of the service, and I have networked quite a bit just through those rides. I once had a guy light a cigarette in my car, so I had to dump him on the side of the road. Further, I have had plenty of couples fight in my car and pull me into the mix. The Uber driver app is very easy to use. When a request comes in, you either accept or reject it. If you accept it, you follow the turn-by-turn directions to the passenger, then press a button and it will inform the rider of your arrival.

When they get in the car, you begin the trip and then end it when you arrive. Uber is pretty good about supporting drivers, but they only provide an email to contact support.

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There is no phone number, which can get very frustrating. But with big issues, they are usually always very responsive and will get in touch right away when something goes wrong! This portal is where you will sign in to accept rides and will be able to view vehicle information, trip history, earnings, and your own Uber driver promo code.

Hourly guarantees are a promotion currently available to active Uber drivers. This promotion guarantees existing drivers who meet predetermined requirements will earn a set amount of money within a certain timeframe.

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Drivers who meet these requirements but earn below the guarantee amount will be compensated the difference by Uber. Background checks for new Uber drivers take anywhere from a few days to two weeks. Usually, results are received in two days, but be patient if they are not; they will come before you know it. Yes, Uber drivers can drive for other rideshare services like Lyft or Juno.

Running two separate apps at the same time can decrease downtime and increase earnings. I flipped Lyft on, and Prime Time was on.

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I doubled my rate for the trips that I normally would have gotten normal pricing for. Not a bad way to do it if you ask me. Helpful Tip — If you have Uber and Lyft running at the same time, make sure to have Uber open on your phone screen and Lyft running in the background. As of this writing, Lyft does not close automatically. Yes, as long as the person driving your car is on the same insurance policy as you and have their own Uber account. For example, if a husband and wife share a car and want to both drive for UberX, they can sign up for their own accounts and use that car, as long as they are both listed on the insurance policy and vehicle paperwork.

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According to Uber, no. There is a lot of confusion surrounding if Uber passengers should tip their drivers. Their website states:. The Uber experience means not having to reach for a wallet at the end of a ride. The most groundbreaking shopping experience you are going to have, New and amazing items for a limited time.

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